DANSCE DIALOGUES 2 – Entering the Lighting Lab


The chandelier in the auditorium of Le Trident Theater, Cherbourg

In 2013 DanSCe Dialogues 2 hosted the first of two Light Labs, where eight emerging professionals working in contemporary dance were mentored by leading UK stage lighting collaborative team Russell Maliphant and Michael Hulls. The purpose of this lab was to give participants the keys to intellectual, artistic and technical understanding of the relationship between choreography and light, and in particular, whether it can be thought of as a collaborative creative process, from a joint artistic vision.

In this laboratory, four teams of two artists, one choreographer and one lighting designer, were mentored and guided by two leading artists who shared their artistic experience as a technique to develop the participants’ collaborative and technical lighting skills. The mentors in this laboratory were the internationally acclaimed team: choreographer Russell Maliphant and lighting designer Michael Hulls, whose work is internationally recognized and has, among other successes, created the award-winning PUSH, a work originally created with ballerina Sylvie Guillem. Participants were chosen by the Laboratory leaders, after an open call throughout the eligible territories – the South East, South West, Normandy and Brittany.

The first day of the Lighting Lab featured a private performance by the Russell Maliphant Company, with a programme made up of some of the most iconic of this duos collaborations over the past 20 years. Michael Hulls introduced each work and gave some background and context for the creation and collaborative process between light and dancers. After the performance, Russell then joined the participants for a post show talk about the works, leading to an evening dinner table discussion.

The lucky participants were:

From South West England: Jane Castree and Jamie Smith
From South East England: Zoie Golding and Luke Hornbuckle
From Brittany: Léonard Rainis and Nicolas Bazoge
From Normandy: Anna Ventura and Oliver Shobe

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Dance Dialogues

Le Trident Theater, Cherbourg



“The DanSCe Dialogues 2 project was selected within the context of the European programme of crossborder cooperation Interreg IV A France (Channel) – England, co-financed by ERDF.”