Grad Photo

Image from How If I? rehearsals September 2013
Dancers Roseanna Anderson, Hayley Barker, Becky Moore,
Stephanie Richards and Jane Castree

During 2013-2014 and as part of the evening of work Perspectives, Jane Castree Dance Collaborations supported three graduates to experience the work of the company.

The Graduate Scheme was specifically tailored to support the individual to pursue their individual interests by offering both hands-on experience as a choreographer, dancer or educational assistant as well as early career mentoring.

All graduates had the opportunity to attend company class to gain a better understanding of the company’s movement language and methods of working. The dance and choreography graduates also shadowed the rehearsal process and will now take part in the premiere of Perspectives at Falmouth University on March 5th 2014; Choreography Graduate Becky Moore will premiere a new work Betsy and Jim, which Dance Graduate Lauren Shuker will perform in as part of the evening.

The scheme also supported Graduate Educational Assistant Stephanie Richards to participate within the processes behind the creation and development of How If I?, assisting in the development of materials to support the educational packages offered by the company.

All graduates received mentoring from Jane focusing on their development as dance artists as well as receiving images and footage to keep as part of their portfolio of work.

During the creation period for How If I? company class was open to all students at Falmouth University and when speaking of their experience one of the students commented:

Only a few short days spent taking class with Jane Castree Dance Collaborations inspired a new side to my dance technique, the ability to feel the movement as much as, if not more than, learning the steps. Picking up the movements as quickly as I did wouldn’t have been possible without feeling them at the same time – allowing that mind-body connection.