How if I?

How If I? was originally shown at Gaining Ground, a platform hosted by The Works to offer artists a chance to share their work in progress. The work was further enhanced when Jane and Jamie took part in DanSCe Dialogues 2’s Lighting Laboratory and were mentored by the internationally acclaimed choreographer Russell Maliphant and lighting designer Michael Hulls.

Confronting the dancers habitual movement patterns and exploring unusual uses of lighting design, How if I? reveals the body and it’s potentiality through an intricate collaboration of light and movement.

Three dancers negotiate unique movement patterns, the light and each other inviting the audience to consider their perceptions of these bodies as they shift through space.

How If I? is currently part of the Perspectives Tour.


Audience feedback:

How If I? was interesting, engaging and atmospheric. I loved the use of the light and the movement…The lights were dancing

The Performance Centre, Falmouth University

Choreography: Jane Castree
Lighting Design: Jamie Smith
Dancers: Hal Smith, Rosanna Anderson and Hayley Barker
Sound Design: Luke Robinson