It’s A Gender Affair


Photographer Kevin Clifford
Dancers Jane Castree and Hal Smith

A woman. A man. An empty fair ground.

Viewpoints melt, turn and emerge
Questioning our perceptions of gender, this dance film depicts a topsy-turvy world through powerful physicality.

A duet between Jane Castree and Hal Smith, the film raises the question: How are we equal if we are not the same?  It is being filmed at Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre in Lifton, Devon and will invite audiences to consider the fact that there are no fixed states of femininity or masculinity.

It’s A Gender Affair is currently part of the Perspectives Tour.




Audience feedback:

I found It’s A Gender Affair fun, engaging, surreal, beautiful and thought-provoking.

The Performance Centre, Falmouth University

Choreography: Jane Castree
Film Maker: Charlotte Eatock
Dancers: Jane Castree and Hal Smith
Lighting: Jamie Smith