Past Works

Viewing You

photo by Kevin Clifford

Photographer Kevin Clifford
Dancers Jane Castree and Kuldip Singh-Barmi.

A collaboration with Kuldip Singh-Barmi dancer/choreographer and sound designer  Luke Robinson. Viewing You was a study of the development of a duet. The piece became an accumulation in the amount of contact, weight and movement vocabulary that was shared between two performers. It questioned how two people move together, where the boundaries are and how these blur. The music for this piece used guitar and percussive elements to drive the pace and feel of the duet.

Commissioned by The Barbican Theatre, Plymouth and Plymouth Dance and performed at The Barbican Theatre, February 2010 and The Flushing Festival, Cornwall, June 2011.

Choreographers: Jane Castree and Kuldip Singh-Barmi
Sound Designer: Luke Robinson
Lighting Design: Mark Laville

Please click below to listen to an extract of Viewing You’s music