Views on Occlusion

A film informed by the ideas of perspective, perception, ambiguity, fragmentation, assumption, scale and occlusion. The term occlusion is used to describe the manner in which an object closer to the viewpoint masks (or occludes) an object further away from the viewpoint. It is a technique Jane encountered when studying the work of the graphic artist M.C. Escher. Jane has used this film to explore how occlusion can be utilized in dance on screen, what this brings to a filmic experience and how this  effects movement and choreography.

View’s on Occlusion has been shown as part of the In the Flesh festival at the Barbican Theatre, Plymouth, The Cornwall Film Festival, Falmouth, was screened on The 20 BBC Big Screens in city centre’s throughout the country and shown as part of Greenwich Dance Agency’s City to City Cabaret at The Buckaroo Theatre in Athens.

Choreography: Jane Castree
Music: Stone in Focus by Aphex Twin and Wax Futures by 65daysofstatic
Film Maker: Jane Castree
Dancers: Kuldip Singh-Barmi and Jane Castree