As part of our Perspectives Tour we are offering a selection of collaborative workshops, suitable for dancers and dancers in training. 

Moving into the Light

Led by company choreographer Jane Castree and production manager and lighting designer Jamie Smith, this workshop includes movement tasks that challenge the dance participants natural movement patterns and connects this with repertoire from How If I? The lighting participants have the opportunity to experiment with the lighting states used in How If I? and design their own lighting states for dance work. The workshop generates a collaborative working environment where dance and lighting participants share and explore detailed ideas together to inspire future working practice.

This workshop is suitable for up to 24 dancers and 8 lighting/technical participants.

(A version of this workshop is also available for dance participants only)

Duet with Camera

Working with Jane Castree and company dancer Hal Smith, this workshop experiments with the nuances of the movement of the camera and the dancers to create a series of duets on film. The movement material will focus on partnering skills for lifting and weight exchange as featured in It’s a Gender Affair.

The workshop will culminate in an informal screening of the 1 minute films created by the participants along with a discussion surrounding future potential developments of this work.

This workshop is suitable for up to 20 dancers and 10 film participants.

Dancing Digital

Working with Jane Castree and a company dancer, this workshop will explore the themes of breath and heartbeat, stemming from the work Moving From the Body. It will cover tasks that allow students to unlock internal rhythmic patterns and explore how this can connect to external movement to give a flavour of the choreographic process of the piece. Participants will learn some duet-based repertoire whilst having the unique opportunity to work with motion tracking technologies, which allow the participant to disappear from the view whilst still.

This workshop is suitable for up to 24 dancers.

Additionally a residency opportunity is available to University Students.

Workshops and packages can be tailored to suit venue needs or specific module or learning requirements at Universities.

Please contact Creative Producer Chloe Hughes for a detailed discussion of all workshops available.